Measures of Wellbeing in the UK

Here are some of the latest measurements of general wellbeing in the UK according to research by the Office of National Statistics. We think the 2021 statistics should be very interesting, although it might be a while before we get to see them and are able to better assess the impact of the last couple of years.


So, whilst this makes for interesting reading, and the next set of figure will be even more interesting, we don’t have time to hang about and wait. Let’s just get on with accessing our own connection to our Bliss Molecules right now and determine how to best enjoy Total Life Satisfaction and Fulfilment today – using simple, lasting and effective techniques proven over thousands of years. 


Are you ready? 


Then come to class or, if you’re an organisation contact us for more information on how we help your people help themselves to wellbeing and happiness on a daily basis.

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