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Upcoming Courses: March-April 2021


Learn to deeply and safely relax yourself almost instantly wherever you are in 10 – 20 minute segments of time under the guidance of Certified Stress Management Trainer, Craig Trafford.

Autogenic Therapy Training is a set of simple self-suggestion techniques that help you to be in full charge of your deep physiological relaxation.

It is a set of techniques used widely in Stress Management.

Some people describe it as self-hypnosis but it’s actually simple self-suggestion and bodily relaxation awareness.

By the end of this 4 part course you’ll be able to practice Autogenic Self-Therapy at will.

Week 1 – An Introduction to using Deep Relaxation of Autogenic Therapy Training to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other symptoms.
Week 2 – Passive Progressive Muscular Relaxation – Listen and Relax
Week 3 – Active Progressive Muscular Relaxation – You Become More involved in the process yourself.
Week 4 – Your Turn – Take yourself through the process guided by Certified Stress Management Trainer, Craig Trafford. Also, Q & A Session to iron out any questions you may have.

Level: Beginner


Ensure you will be undisturbed, in a safe, warm and comfortable environment for the duration of each session.

Be prepared to go to bed or rest for a while after each session. You can also practice the simple process any time you wish at home.

You’ll be surprised how simple and effective Autogenic Training is for you.

Details – Led By Qualified ‘Touch for Health Kinesiology’ & Educational Kinesiology Consultant Craig Trafford

One if the fastest and most effective ways of tapping into your intuition and inner guidance – which always wants what is in your very best interests – is to learn to self-energy test [self muscle test].

Learn to do simple Kinesiology Energy Tests on yourself.

Self-energy Testing is used by millions worldwide as a way of bypassing self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours and following your own deep internal guidance on all kinds of issues.

People use the method to support their own
health and wellbeing,
nutrition and weight problems,
business decisions
Relationship and dating issues
Better Business and Career decisions
Rehabilitation from injury
Choosing You-Friendly Food and Activities
Deepening Intuitive Connection
Greater peace of mind
Solving wealth and abundance issues
and much more…

The methods are simple and when practiced regularly can really help to support your self confidence in following your own inner guidance, discovering your own purpose and setting your own small and giant life goals.


Ensure your own privacy for the duration of the sessions.

Also, have plenty of drinking water available and a pen and pad for writing on.

This is a playful 3-Part course during which you’ll learn
How to use the power of NOTICING,
Clearing Your Electrical System,
Tuning into your inner guidance / intuitive skillset,
Asking the questions and making statements that get you closer to the transformations and results you’re looking for.

GUT HEALTH -Introduction with Kelda White is a 15 minute introduction to Kelda’s Upcoming Trafford House Exclusive Course.                           Trafford House Calm Centre is the only place in the world where you can access this incredible, empowering GUT HEALTH Course.                                                                                                                                                                                        Friday 12.00 noon – 12.15pm SPECIAL GUEST KELDA WHITE with a short description of her 6-week Online Course; ‘GUT HEALTH’ – Exclusive to Trafford House Calm Centre [that’s us].
Homeopath, Reiki Practitioner, Hair Analyst, Plant and Essence Practitioner.
As part of her practice, Kelda, through her ‘Pestle and Daughter’ offering is “reconnecting people to nature, plants and the environment; teaching the skills we need to be well.”
Read more about her here.

Learn more about Kelda’s upcoming Trafford House Online GUT HEALTH 6-Part Course next Friday 12.00noon by booking onto the free online talk in your usual way. 


You’ll be able to enrol for the course very soon.  


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